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Transferring old writings - Ch 1.

I didn't even know this existed until I dug this writer's notebook up from 2010.

Here's my entry for Sept. 17, 2010.

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Look what came in the mail today?!

These Photosets!!

I really want to thank choihaeni for these lovely shop photos ♥

You have made my Christmas week all the more merrier!

I couldn't have asked for a better present!

Kisumai shop photos <3

Again, thank you so so so much!!

Merry Christmas!!

Please help me by filling out this survey

Hi~ This summer, I'm working as an intern with NYC & Co. I have a project where we want to know what people who might want to come to New York City might look forward to seeing, eating, or feeling in this city. This survey can also be answered if you have already been in the city before, or have even lived here for a long time.

Here's the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZrxyXPXEDZv8Ay2pD5eAEhkW3epbxeyz4U0EkbdG1mA/viewform

In advance, thank you so so so much for filling out this survey


Hello all, thank you so so so much for filling out this survey for me. It means so much!

The survey is now closed... I still have access to it, but I will not be looking at it, since the project is now over.
Listing from Oldest to youngest.

And I'm mainly listing the johnny's I know and acknowledge... And other talents :)

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Leaving the country

Hi~ So, Just a quick update... I'll be leaving the country, heading to South Africa for 10 days for my job...

I probably won't answer anything for that 10 days.

Gomen ne~ I'll miss my boys &hearts; but at least I'm bringing all my music with me! >:D

heehee~ Jaa~ Matta ne!


30 day jpop FAIL: day 28, 29, 30

Hey guys. *peeks from under rock* I'm not dead yet.

Just a little RL stuff happening, you know, studies and all. :)

Here we go!

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Hey guys! I'm not dead!! RL got a hold on me right now... So I won't be able to come onto lj as much as before during my breaks.

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30 day jpop challenge: Day 21 + 22

Day 21: Jdrama you can't watch without crying
Day 22: favorite picture of your favorite idol group. 

day 21: Again, I do not cry, so I don't have a drama like that.