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Current Projects:

2015.01.19 Shabekuri 007 (3JSB) - Currently translating, Edit: At the 18:00 mark!
2016.05.30 Shabekuri 007 (Iwata Takanori & Takahata Mitsuki) - Haven't started

3JSB/Exile Tribe screenshots/wallpapers


I just want to share some screenshots I took while watching Exile Tribe's Tower of Wish ~The Revolution~ that make for a good wallpaper!

Feel free to take and use!Collapse )


Transferring old writings - Ch 10.

a/n - I think it should be fun to see if you readers can guess what POV each chapter is in :P

I kept walking and before I knew it, I was in the mirror house in the amusement park. Now, I really don't know where I'm going because it's dark and I can't see my own reflection. I hear a noise behind me.

"Hey, fancy meeting you here."

"How-?" I turn, and I don't see anyone behind me.

I found my way towards the exit and I find Satoshi waiting for me there. My brain rattles and I'm confused as to why this moment of seeing Satoshi is so familiar.