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Transferring Old Writings - Ch. 4

Satoshi's (Angel's) P.O.V.

"Ark! Suki- Suki-, I saw her today! She applied to my school!" I flew to the headquarters so fast I'm out of breath.

"Yes... I saw it on my Gigantic Plasma TV"


"No! You dipshit! I know what's going on everywhere- every minute. So does the Headdevil of Hell."

"Oh? So you don't have a plasma screen TV?"

"...," His face looks strained as if he really did have a plasma and did not want me to know. "Anyway, aren't you two branded? You did promise her you will never leave her."

"When did I say such a stupid thing? We broke up!"

"Really? Then why save her life?"

Why? I've never really though about it. "Instints?" We, Suki and I, used to be lovers.